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Maurice Levin

I'm Maurice Levin, rare plant grower and preservationist. Jurassic Garden is our nursery, family-owned rare plant growers in Los Angeles, California. We propagate grow and sell Cycads,rare living-fossil plants, and other rare and drought-resistant plants like Agaves, Aloes and Strelitzias.

Maurice Levin -- -- is the founder of Jurassic Garden--A&A Cycads, a family-owned rare plant grower in Los Angeles, California since 1998. He has been growing cycads for nearly 25 years. Maurice Levin has served on the Board of Directors of The Cycad Society, and is past Treasurer of the Society. At Jurassic Garden, we grow rare living-fossil plants called Cycads, and other rare and drought-tolerant plants like Agaves, Aloes and Strelitzias. Our goal is "Preservation through Propagation": if we all can grow enough of these plants, they will no longer be threatened in the wild. Prior to working in the plant world, Maurice Levin worked in investment banking, retained executive search and commercial real estate. Maurice grew up in Southern California, graduated from Palisades High School, received his AB in History from Harvard University in 1979, and his MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1984, both with honors. He has completed coursework in the Horticulture and Gardening Program at UCLA. Maurice Levin is an Eagle Scout. Here are some additional information links: Related Links: Facebook Profile Jurassic Garden Facebook Page Jurassic Garden on Twitter Maurice Levin on Twitter Maurice Levin "About Me" Profile Linked In Profile YouTube Videos--Fun & Educational How to Re-Establish Cycads Educational Articles on Cycads Cycad Care Information

Maurice Levin's Background

Maurice Levin's Experience

Corporate Finance Associate at Lehman Brothers

1983 - 1986 | New York, NY

Worked on public offerings and merger/acquisition transactions in the Corporate Finance department of this investment bank.

Corporate Banking at Bank of America

1979 - 1982 | New York and Toronto

Corporate finance

Owner at Jurassic Garden -- A& A Cycads


Grow, preserve and sell endangered species plants called cycads, and other rare plants. Cycads are palm-like plants that have survived for over 200 million years on earth. Environmentally friendly living fossils that add a dramatic touch to a garden. When you grow a cycad, you are part of a worldwide endangered species preservation movement.

Maurice Levin's Education

Harvard Business School

1982 – 1984


Concentration: Finance and Marketing

Harvard University

1974 – 1979


Concentration: History, U.S. & East Asian


1998 – -

In Process

Concentration: Gardening and Horticulture

Maurice Levin's Interests & Activities

Maurice Levin enjoys gardening, growing things, spending time with his wife and 2 children, watching college basketball, and supporting his alma mater.

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